Why I am better than most Christians.

Whoa. Bold title there eh?

I got really upset and hurt today after this whole Chick-Fil-A bull shit that I needed to vent.
Why do I think I am better than most Christians?

Because I treat every human being with respect and dignity and believe that every one deserves equal rights to live their life.
Who the FUCK do you think you are to tell someone they shouldn’t marry or love another because their lifestyle is different from yours?

Oh wait, God? The Bible? Among your “You shall not lie with a man” passages are passages that tell you not to sleep with a woman on her period, not to cut your hair, not to eat shellfish, and not to wear cloth made of two different fabrics. You still wanna use that passage? If so, I will come and take away the rights away of each and every one of you who has disobeyed these rules.
Any takers? Huh, huh?
Oh and what about these bitches having sex before marriage. They too are committing sexual sins but you allow them to keep their children, and marry, and HOLY SHIT THEY CAN EVEN GO TO CHURCH!
And don’t EVEN get me started on those who say there are draughts and famine and war and poverty because God doesn’t like how we are living. These things have been going on through out the history of the world and the church is just using homosexuality as a scape goat. People will believe anything…

It’s all a bunch of bull shit! And what scares me is some of the people I’ve gone to school with in the past are having so many children and they are probably putting these thoughts in their head. Makes me so sad.

I don’t know about you, but I remember Jesus used to hanging out with the “low-class” in society back in his day. Those who were socially rejected and lived outside the norm he loved and showed such compassion for.

Where is that in modern-day Christians? Where are the people now with the “WWJD” bracelets? Wanna know what Jesus would do? He would love everyone and be kind to everyone and treat each and every single person with respect.
As Gandhi put it: As soon as we lose the moral basis, we cease to be religious. There is no such thing as religion over-riding morality. Man, for instance, cannot be untruthful, cruel or incontinent and claim to have God on his side.
I don’t claim to be perfect, but I do believe I live a good life and I don’t tell others they don’t get to enjoy the same privileges and rights as a human being based on their sexual preferences.
And that, my friends, is what I think about that.



Gym Etiquette

Do you have a gym membership? Does your visit to the gym usually involve you wanting to punch one of the idiots working out beside you? If so, you are in the right spot!

Here are some things that piss me off at the gym:

1. People running on the treadmill who are talking on their cell phone.

I hope you fall on your face.

2. People who are always nude in the locker room.

I realize one must be partially nude in order to change, but there is a way to go about it that doesn’t subject me to looking at your nude body for long periods of time. There is a woman who always works out around the same time as me and she just won’t put any fucking clothes on. She must have lost a lot of weight, which is super awesome, and now she has confidence to walk around all the time nakey. If you take the time to put a towel around your wet hair, you can take the time to put a towel around your nasty bits. Seriously bitch, you gross me out.

Also sucky in that department is when someone is changing next to you and you look up and they are literally bent over in front of you putting their undies on. So. Bad. So fucking bad.
3. The people who come to the gym and douse themselves with cologne.

My friend Maria and I were at the gym on Friday and got on the elevator and were choked with the stench of mens cologne. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED THAT MUCH COLOGNE WHEN YOU ARE JUST GOING TO WORK OUT WHERE YOU WILL GET STINKY ALL OVER AGAIN!?! Oy. I think that about covers it.
4. People who aren’t working out on the machine you want to use.

There is a cardio room in my gym that plays movies on a large screen. It’s dark and small and makes me feel okay to be sweating like a pig cause no one can see me. The problem? Because it is small there are only a few types of each machine. So many times I go in there and people will be sitting on my favorite machine watching the movie instead of actually working out. And the bigger beef? They are skinny! I am chunky and need to work out while watching this movie asshole! I will rent you the movie for you from Red Box! Just move off my machine!!


Did I miss anything?!


And that is what Rachael thinks about that!

How to ride a bus

Today, as I get prepared for work, I think I owe it to myself and other bus goers, to teach the world proper bus etiquette.

First step in riding the bus: KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING. Pet peeve of mine is someone who show up with an address, hands it to the bus driver, and asks them how to get there. What. The. Hell. We all have the internet by now, how hard is it to google these things? Worst is when they get mad at the bus driver if he/she doesn’t know the address. Fuck off! It’s your responsibility, not theirs!
Second step: SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP. Far too often I have to listen to the screams of an angry ghetto woman yelling about her boyfriend or her kids or some bull shit on her phone, loud enough for everyone to hear. Not only is it rude, but you look like a dumb bitch. But since you are so engulfed in your phone call, most don’t usually notice.
Third: SIT IN ONE SEAT. This seems obvious, but far too often I see people with their backpacks occupying a seat on a packed bus, or someone with their feet on the seat next to them. Are you at home? Cause if you aren’t, why in the hell do you have your feet up? In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How Rude!”
I hope you are now successfully able to take the bus without issue!


I’m just gonna list off a bunch of things that are pissing me off today. Cause I can. This being my blog and all…

-People who get on the bus and don’t know where they are going. They then expect the bus driver to give them perfect directions. FUCK YOU. Look at a map before you leave the fucking house you dumb twats.

-People who go on vacation and then tweet/facebook/.instagram every 12.5 sec. WHAT THE HELL?! You aren’t on vacation cause you are too busy on your phone to enjoy what is going on around you! PUT THE DAMN PHONE DOWN!

-The bathroom at my job. It’s fucking disgusting. Women are pigs. Icky, stinky pigs. That is all I have to say about that.

-I’m pissed that I don’t live anywhere near a Torchy’s Tacos. I want a fried avocado taco in my mouth, right now!!!!

I think I’m done.
Ya’ll get stuff to complain about?
Lets hear it!

And that is what Rachael thinks about that….

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but how bout you serve me, yes, not maybe!

Today’s frustration: Going to a food counter only to be blatantly ignored by the person working behind it.

I went to a local grocery store that is usually top notch *cough Groppi’s cough* only to be completely ignored by the guy behind the deli counter. All I wanted was a breakfast sandwich,man! He was rearranging them in the case, I was standing in front of the case, and he didn’t say a damn word. The last time we got breakfast there we had to ring a bell to let them know we wanted something in the case, as they were in the kitchen preparing. Do I have to ring this bell even with you standing right in front of me? Are you unsure of my intentions unless said bell is rung?

As someone who has worked in a deli before, I KNOW the rule is greet everyone that approaches the case, even if they are just looking. He was clearly unaware of this rule. Moral of this story: Ignore me and I go down the street to Sven’s and get a sandwich there. They said hello to me as soon as I walked in. So take that Mr Ignore Me Pants!

And that, my friends, is what Rachael thinks about that!

Mother fucking pedal taverns!

Boy was I glad when I found a facebook group where I could share my hatred of these stupid things!
The people who ride these things are usually the most drunk, annoying, douchiest people around. They block traffic, they yell like monkeys, and I’m sure bars fucking haaaate them.
I hate that Wisconsin is okay with perpetuating the stereotype that we are all stupid, bumbling drunks! You know those pictures that have been popping up on facebook that are like here is how the world sees you, or your mom, and then finally you? In Wisconsin they’d pretty much all be the same. You are a bumbling drunk, the world sees you as a bumbling drunk, hell your mom probably knows your a bumbling drunk…and she’s probably a drunk too!
Having a drink? Totally cool with me. Drinking and then stumbling around on a massive pedal bike blocking traffic? Now we got issues…

And that’s what Rachael thinks about that!

My first post! And it is a good one!

Dear world,

STOP HATING ON PIT BULLS! I really fucking hate that people associate an ENTIRE breed of dog as vicious killers! Many of them are mistreated and abused, hence the aggression. Do that to any type of animal and I’m sure they’d be mean too! Show them love and they can be the sweetest, goofiest dog ever! Start creating stricter laws for those who abuse them and I bet you’ll see a huge difference!
Wanna know what I think they should do with the abusers? Treat them as how they treated the animals. Keep them in small pens, beat them, starve them. and make them fight to the death!

And that is what Rachael thinks about that!

Thanks for reading my first post, and believe me, there will be many more to come!